Consortium for protection and enhancement

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The Mele Valle Varaita consortium is a large family made up of apple producers who for generations have lived and cultivated decennial orchards in the Varaita Valley with passion. An ancient territory, where there are centenary plants that we want to recover and enhance to give life to the "ancient tastes" of the nature of our territory.

Valuing and protecting the Valle Varaita Apples from counterfeiting is the aim of the Consortium which it pursues daily and which extends an invitation to small, large producers and hobbyists to participate in this project to strengthen and defend Valle Varaita apples from speculation and counterfeiting.


Valle Varaita apples are grown in orchards that are over 40 years old, equipped with the most advanced technologies to guarantee their quality and authenticity.

A controlled supply chain, the experience of the growers and an advantageous territory are the elements that distinguish a unique product in the world that stands out for its taste, aroma and consistency, the Apple of the Varaita Valley with a controlled supply chain!


We are in the North West of Italy, on the slopes of Monte Viso (3.841m) in the heart of the Varaita Valley, in one of the Piedmontese territories recognized as a UNESCO heritage.

A territory embraced by the Alps with orchards that extend from an altitude of 350m up to over 1000m where a climate is created characterized by particular changes in winds and breezes that indistinguishably contribute to the cultivation of the apple tree, giving life to a unique product. .. the Apple of the Varaita Valley!